When you hear the term “manifestation,” what comes to mind? Is it the arrival of something you desire? Or the appearance of something you have been searching for? I recently learned a valuable lesson that I wasn’t expecting about what manifestation actually is… the appearance of what we really need. For me, this realization resulted in the understanding that in order for manifestation to happen, we have to be open to any form that manifestation takes shape in our lives. This also means accepting that it may not look exactly the way we expect. This idea holds true for love, travel, materialism, money… whatever it is that you seek. For me, manifestation happened through a complete overhaul of my life from love to business.

As a mother first and foremost, and as many moms can attest, we sometimes lose ourselves over the years as we give out our energy to everyone around us. As moms, we often forget to save some energy, both spiritually and emotionally, for ourselves. I focused the last several years on my career and my kids, and in the process, forgot really who I was in the process. I desired to be open to new possibilities and find my bliss again. I desired it so much, that I took the steps to step back from work and step into building time for myself. Once I owned that I was deserving of saving time for me, time became available. A canceled appointment leaving me with a couple hours of time to spend reading or working on an art project, for example. Money? I began a business that brought together art, jewelry, and reading that took off overnight, brining in consisting money each month with minimal work. Love? Love manifested in the most unlikely of spontaneous places and changed my life forever once I realized I deserved to be loved in the way I wanted. Literally, my life changed!

What is most surprising is that with each of these areas of my life, manifestation happened in completely different ways than I expected. We often hold so tight to a singular idea of manifesting something, such as money, that we forget to see the opportunities around us. I was so focused on making money and moving up in my current job that it took me several months to see that my hobby business was taking off so fast that it was building an income all on its own. Once I saw this, I was able to add intentional energy to the business and it skyrocketed!

The number one reason that manifestation doesn’t happen is we tend to get in our own way. We don’t see the forest for the trees… in other words, be open to everything. Be open to new possibilities, but most of all, be open to letting go of old ideas and old assumptions of what your manifestation may look like and begin looking around at all the possibilities that can bring about that manifestation. You may be pleasantly surprised with a brand new life!